Girl Fellowship

Girl Fellowship Program
– A noble step to encourage girls in vocational education

By the noble initiative of Mr. Denis Bugnard and Ms. Kaethy Schneitter Girl Fellowship Program was started in August1999 at Sano Thimi Technical School, a subsidiary of UCEP-Nepal.

Mr. Denis Bugnard is the PMET Advisor (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Transferring into action) and Ms. Kaethy Schneitter the Deputy Resident Representative at Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC/N.

Mr. Bugnard is an electric engineer and has been with SDC for thirty years, two in Nepal. Ms. Schneitter is from the education sector and had worked at Teacher Training College, Switzerland for 18 years before joining SDC. She has been with SDC for fifteen years, last two and half years in Nepal, her first assignment in Asia.

The idea of encouraging girls in vocational education through fellowship program was conceived when they were on a holiday in Switzerland in August 1998. On his 50th birthday party, Mr. Bugnard, announced this idea of fellowship amongst friends, relatives, and other guests. He requested them to offer him cash as birthday presents so that the money could be used to establish fund for supporting girls in vocational education. A bank account was opened for this purpose and money contributed by their Swiss well wishers. Mr. Bugnard and Ms. Schneitter had benevolently covered the shortfall to provide fellowship to ten girls, the amount of which was NC Rs. 2,60,508.00.

Four girls in offset printing press and six in draftsmanship were the recipients of this fellowship. They have all successfully completed their respective training courses. Three of them have found employment, three are undergoing on-the-job training, and the remaining graduates are in the process of commencing on-the-job training or being employed.

Recipients of the fellowship were girls under the age of 18 but had passed at least the qualifying exam to appear for S.L.C in the draftsmanship course and class seven in the offset printing trade. Priority was given to those from rural areas, poor socioeconomic backgrounds, and minority groups.

The girl fellowship program was incorporated with regular one-year draftsmanship and offset printing press courses. This fellowship represented five percent of the total number of trainees in STTS’s regular programs.

Alike last year, ten girls have been selected for similar fellowship this year, three in offset printing press and seven in draftsmanship course.

On behalf of the girls of the fellowship program, we would like to express gratitude to Mr. Bugnard and Ms. Schneitter for their continued support.

Thank you!

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